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From paper to pixels: News today

Yet something of the old media world is deeply missed. The serendipitous discovery of news and information, for example. We all now live in so-called ‘filter bubbles’, consuming information either curated by us, or for us. Some of this curation is human, which offers agency and choice to the few who wish to really engage

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State of the News Media and Citizen Journalism 2008

At over 700 pages and with more than 180,000 words, the State of the News Media 2008 report by the Project for Excellent in Journalism in the US brings new meaning to the word comprehensive. There’s no printed version to be found, but the entire report is online here. The content is largely US centric,

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The problem with mobiles in emergencies…

Is that they often don’t work. This photo of my mobile phone’s screen was taken around two and a half hours after a powerful bomb rocked Nugegoda, a suburb in Colombo, killing around 17 and injured over 30. It was Sri Lanka’s second bomb for the day. I live around 3 minutes away from the

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Reuters breaking news alerts no more on Dialog

Seems that Reuters has pulled out of offering SMS news alerts and information bulletins through Dialog. Dialog is now advertising Ada Derana, from the TV station Derana, as a replacement though to date, I’ve received many SMS’s from Ada Derana asking me to await breaking news alerts, none have been forthcoming. The last I reviewed

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