Crowdsourcing Obama’s inauguration

CNN, using Microsoft's amazing Photosynth, aims to crowdsource a 3D vista of Barack Obama's Presidential inauguration on 20th January 2009. This will be the most digitised Presidential inauguration in history, and I suspect many cable TV networks will rely heavily on the digital content generated by those present, in addition to their own content, in … Continue reading Crowdsourcing Obama’s inauguration

Technology, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

The fall of the House of Clinton, an article in the Economist, has an interesting take on the decisive role the Internet and web played in the campaigns of the two Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The Clinton machine was too stuck in the 1990s to grasp how the internet was revolutionising political … Continue reading Technology, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Questions on e-voting in the US: Chads redux?

Recent debates on the nature of Hillary Clinton's narrow victory over Obama in New Hampshire centre on e-voting irregularities. These debates are as important today as the issue of chads and the election of George Bush in 2000. The big difference is that chads were counted manually. E-voting is registered and counted eletronically.As Jon Stokes … Continue reading Questions on e-voting in the US: Chads redux?