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Websites at Risk: New design and new content

      I’ve been remiss at keeping my Websites at Risk initiative alive with regular archives. On the other hand, nothing much has changed on the websites I monitor and I hope to download them all and have fresh archives up in the course of the next fortnight. As a first step, you can

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NAE report on ICT and Peacebuilding gets it right. And also very wrong.

The National Academy of Engineering organised a workshop on Technology and Peacebuilding on 14th December 2007, the report of which I was sent last week. Through a rather tedious rigmarole, it is possible to download this report from their website. Do it. It’s worth it. I joined the workshop over Skype Video and was introduced

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Websites at Risk – Archiving information on human rights, governance and peace

I created and launched Websites at risk yesterday as a simple yet effective means through which to archive information and knowledge produced on the web in Sri Lanka on human rights, peacebuilding and democratic governance. This has been on my mind for a while ever since I was appalled to be told that the website

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ICT4Peace and Humanitarian FOSS featured in PeaceIT!

The latest issue of Peace IT!, a journal for conflict and crisis management professionals published by the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) is out and can be downloaded here. The journal explores how ICTs can be used effectively to prevent, manage and resolve crisis to the benefit of peace and security. This issue features an article

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