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Panel Discussion: Women’s Engagement with New Media

The proverbial glass ceiling has long been in the way of women’s upward movement within the public sphere, including in media institutions. How have women overcome the limitations of access and opportunity of the conventional media structures by increasingly and innovatively engaging with online media platforms and spaces? The Sri Lankan chapter of South Asian

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Politicians and Twitter in Sri Lanka and the elsewhere

Image courtesy the Economist, Sweet to Tweet The Presidential and parliamentary elections held this year in Sri Lanka saw a number of candidates, in the run up to election, open accounts on Twitter. Leading politicians like Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sarath Fonseka, Champika Ranawaka, Sajith Premadasa and Milinda Moragoda, amongst others were extremely active on Twitter. Save for

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Technology, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

The fall of the House of Clinton, an article in the Economist, has an interesting take on the decisive role the Internet and web played in the campaigns of the two Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The Clinton machine was too stuck in the 1990s to grasp how the internet was revolutionising political

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Lawrence Lessig on ending corruption using ICT

ICT against corruption is an issue I’ve written on earlier, and it came as a surprise today that no less than Lawrence Lessig has set his mind on using ICT to combat corruption. “How will the Internet change the corruption of politics?” is one of the many questions Lessig answers and describes how the Internet

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