Pitfalls of privacy online

The Ceylon Today newspaper quotes me in what is becoming a familiar story - identity theft and the unauthorised use of photos posted to various online social media fora for nefarious activities. Women and Media Collective's Sepali Kottegoda underscores the problem, yet the challenge remains on how to build and teach this (new) media literacy … Continue reading Pitfalls of privacy online

The rise of Big Brother in the UK: The problems for the rest of us

Reading an article on mobile phone surveillance in England, I remembered a scene from the film the Bourne Ultimatum where the character Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon, buys a phone off the counter in London and uses it to communicate securely with a reporter. The reporter eventually gets killed and that sadly seems to … Continue reading The rise of Big Brother in the UK: The problems for the rest of us

Snooping into mobile communications in India

Research in Motion (RIM), the folks behind the Blackberry, are reportedly close to finalising a deal with India's Home Ministry to allow it to monitor communications and access customer data.  As Ars Technica notes, The issue first became public in early March, when the ministry threatened to ban BlackBerry service entirely, unless it was given … Continue reading Snooping into mobile communications in India

The rise of Big Brother in the UK

It's disturbing to read about the intention of the British Government to create a database to record every phone call, e-mail and time spent on the internet by the public as part of "the fight against crime and terrorism". It's this kind of mindless sleepwalking into a surveillance society that reminds me of Orwells 1984. Conrad's The Secret Agent … Continue reading The rise of Big Brother in the UK

Secure your Facebook privacy

As the BBC's technology programme Click recently uncovered, Facebook is outrageously open to applications harvesting information that you have classified private. What is more disturbing is that an application installed on a friend's account can remotely harvest your private data without you even having to install the same application. As the BBC report notes "It certainly seems … Continue reading Secure your Facebook privacy