ICT without agency?

Cross-posted from my blog featuring my regular newspaper column. ### There is in Sri Lanka an Information and Communications Technology Agency. There are also Ministries of Science and Technology, Mass Media and Information, Telecommunication and Information Technology and incredibly, Technology and Research. In addition, we have the Department of Government Information. Finally, there is a … Continue reading ICT without agency?

Creating social justice initiatives online

I was invited by Sri Lanka Unites to speak to a group of 25 students from 13 district at the Royal College auditorium today on the use of new and social media to strengthen social justice and democracy. I remain conflicted about SLU. On the one hand and prima facie, the failure of Beyond Borders … Continue reading Creating social justice initiatives online

Unique perspectives on the end of war in Sri Lanka

"I am an Indian pediatrician who served with the Indian Medical Team at Menik Farm IDP center. The point I am trying to raise is this – we were managing scores of infants with bullet / shell blast injuries (some festering, mostly healed). It gives an idea of the extent of collateral damage suffered by … Continue reading Unique perspectives on the end of war in Sri Lanka