Micro-blogging election violence and malpractices in Sri Lanka

Set up a quick and dirty way to get updates from Vikalpa’s islandwide network of citizen journalists on election violence and malpractices in the Eastern Province.

See Vikalpa for details and our Twitter site for updates from the field. As I note in the Vikalpa post:

“While we cannot check the veracity of each SMS we receive in a timely manner, we hope and expect that citizens themselves will actively engage with reports posted on our micro-site and alert us with clarifications, updates and alternative perspectives of their own.”

This is the first of a couple of other interesting experiments using SMS + mobiles, blogs, Twitter and Google Maps that I want to try out in the lead up to and on the day of the elections in the Eastern Province in Sri Lanka on 10th May 2008.

For those resident in the East or who receive information from the Province, please SMS Vikalpa on 0777312079 with your updates and news.