InfoShare – Transforming society through technology

I'm a founding Director and Head of ICT and Peacebuilding at InfoShare, which was set up in 2004 and currently provides services to a range of leading organisations in the development and civil society sectors in Sri Lanka and South Asia. InfoShare's main skill is in its ability to design ICT applications and services to … Continue reading InfoShare – Transforming society through technology

Building peace through ICT – Ideas for practical ICT4Peace projects

Literacy is not a requirement for digital media production that seeks to capture the views of those who may not be able to read & write, but through their life experience may have valuable insights into the transformation of the conflict and into issues such as reconciliation, transformative justice and co-existence.Content so produced can be put up on a website, but also recorded onto CD (for audio recordings) or downloaded to devices such as iPod (for audio and video) and then played back at community level / village meetings, to foster discussion.Projects like are also instructive in this regard.... Even today, wireless technologies such as CDMA PCMCIA cards allow for internet connectivity almost anywhere in Sri Lanka.We can piggyback upon these access technologies to create Skypecasts on peace from the grassroots itself – say a village meeting by a paddy field with a global audience including members from the diaspora chipping in. Such a series of recorded Skypecasts can be a useful way to capture community driven ideas for peace with international and regional voices in support of such ideas.Skypecasts can also bring together a range of actors to discuss a specific issue – say the mitigation of violence in a specific location.Skyepcasts also facilitates unique projects like children to children contact – to have mediated discussions between the life of a child in a conflict affected area, an urban centre in the same country and say a child in the diaspora community, to highlight differences and explore ways that people to people contact can help make lives better for those most seriously affected by the conflict.Micro-grants for bloggingBlogging is to date an urban phenomenon in places like Sri Lanka.