The operator of the LTTE’s computer and database revealed

Cray XMT - The LTTE's computer and database server?

Palitha Kohona, the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka had this to say in a recent interview about the LTTE’s ICT infrastructure published in Himal,

Himal: If there were entire villages that had nothing to do with LTTE, they can just be let go. But for the others, it’s a massive job of identification that you would have to do.

Yes, we are likely to make mistakes. There was a senior person, 74 years of age, who was released because of his age. And then he promptly went abroad to Singapore. And he was the one who controlled the LTTE computer, the database. So we missed out on this fellow.

Emphasis mine. So gramps controlled THE computer and THE database of the LTTE, wherever and whatever they were. Lucky bugger. Surely, he must have played around with the Cray XMT? Seriously, what other computer could be THE one used by the LTTE’s for its database?

Here’s a novel idea for ICTA – urgently provide, nay force basic IT literacy education for these chowderheads in government. This alone would justify the Year of IT.