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New media versus online censorship

In a lecture at New York University yesterday I was asked a question about web censorship in Sri Lanka. We are nowhere near Iran or China in the scope of online censorship, but there have been disturbing signs nevertheless about the government desire to control and contain the freedom of expression on the web. RSF

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And it’s offline again…

Why am I not surprised? Tamilnet.com is inaccessible once more from Sri Lanka. Anyone able to explain why it was accessible for over 12 hours over the weekend gets a drink on me. Vive la censure!

Censored – Forum theatre on freedom of expression at a time of war

“What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist. Without the freedom to challenge, even to satirise all orthodoxies, including religious orthodoxies, it ceases to exist. Language and the imagination cannot be imprisoned, or art will die, and with it, a little of what makes us human.” Salman Rushdie, Imaginary Homelands

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Thailand and Malaysia clamp down websites

In moves bound to embolden Sri Lanka’s own regime to officially clamp down on websites, Thailand and Malaysia blocked or shut down hundreds of websites this week. Thailand’s manifestly idiotic and regressive lese majeste laws were used to shut down 344 out of a total of 400 sites it shut down. As this Asia Media report

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Independent media websites hacked in Sri Lanka?

On the same day The Island newspaper cited net terrorism (sic) as the cause for an outrageous gaffe in its Children Section came news that the Lanka Dissent website had been hacked into. I don’t for a moment believe that The Island was a victim of Internet “terrorism” but as an excuse it’s credence was

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