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YouTube wants more citizen journalists

Olivia M. is the new YouTube News Manager and she wants more citizen journalists to send in their content to the site. YouTube was the only platform I considered for Vikalpa’s Video Channel (the first and sadly still the only citizen journalism video channel in Sri Lanka) but there are other sites, Vimeo and Veoh

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Nokia N93i and Citizen Journalism in Sri Lanka

Reading Reuters/Nokia Collaboration Has Potential for Citizen Journalists on MobileActive echoed what I’m currently facilitating in Sri Lanka with the help of the CPA Media Unit. We are using a Nokia N93i phone to capture content that is feeding into Sri Lanka’s first citizen journalism YouTube channel, the Vikalpa YouTube Video Channel. The channel will

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YouTube opens Nonprofit Channels

YouTube’s announced the creation of a Non-Profit Programme that gives US registered non-profits receive “a free non-profit specific YouTube channel where they can upload footage of their work, public service announcements, calls to action and more”. The non-profit channels will feature, inter alia: A premium channel on YouTube that serves as a non-profit’s hub for

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