Research on ICT4Peace

Some of my research and discussions on the use of ICT for Peacebuilding, Humanitarian aid and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) can be found here:

ICT for Peacebuilding
Current research
Thoughts on ICT, ODR and Peacebuilding
From community radio to Internet radio, mobiles and narrow-casting: New models for enduring needs
Discussions on International Applications of ODR and/or Use of Mobile Technology in Conflict Transformation

ICT and ODR for Peacebuilding – Our experience – Discussion during Cyberweek 2006
How can IT be used for pol. conflict transformation? (Cyberweek 2005 discussion)

ICT in Disaster Management / Humanitarian Aid
Discussions on Information Technology and Disaster Relief and Mitigation – Cyberweek 2005
Discussions on on Information Technology and Disaster Relief and Mitigation – Cyberweek 2006

Online Dispute Resolution
ODR – What lies ahead (Discussion during Cyberweek 2006)
Thoughts on ICT, ODR and Peacebuilding
ODR Beyond the PC – Cyberweek 2005 discussion
ODR sans PC said the mobile to the radio


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    […] little over two years ago, when I started this blog, it was the first and only one on the web to deal with ICT for peacebuilding. Today, it’s praxis and theory is no longer embryonic and there are hundreds of examples of […]

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