Legal action against MoD regulations on CDMA and mobile phones

The Daily Mirror carries the story of a lawyer who has filed a writ application in the Appeal Court yesterday against the proposed law to prevent the use of mobile or CDMA phones by anyone other than the registered owner.

“The lawyer complained that the proposed law would create a series of problems to phone subscribers and users. He said this law would even prevent people using phones registered under their spouses. He said this would ultimately result in a large number of cellular phones and CDMA users being be forced to discontinue the existing phone connections and buy new telephone connections.

The petitioner charged the proposed law was arbitrary, unlawful, against the Telecommunication Regulatory Act and it was not in the interest of the telephone users of this country.

He asked court to issue an order staying the alleged announcement made by the TRC preventing the use of cellular or CDMA phones by anyone other than the registered owners and quash the proposed law in this regard. “

Read the story in full here and a related story on Lirneasia’s blog here.

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