More websites including blocked in Sri Lanka?

Reports online and which I received through email indicate that more sites are being deliberately or inadvertently blocked in Sri Lanka, with most of the disruptions occurring on Sri Lanka Telecom ADSL broadband connections.

Some reports claim that domains hosted on are being blocked, and other reports indicate that this is now a matter that is resolved. Other reports confirm that sites resolving to were blocked and that ISPs have now removed the block. It is not clear why was blocked.

Several organisations with their emails hosted on Google Apps reported severe problems with logging into their web mail, though POP / IMAP access worked fine.

Lanka News Web, itself blocked in Sri Lanka, now reports that another news website, Sri Lanka Guardian, is also blocked.

Coming soon after the IGP’s directive to all ISPs to “suspend licenses” of porn websites in Sri Lanka, it is worrying whether these are the first stabs at a more pervasive web filtering system in Sri Lanka.

5 thoughts on “More websites including blocked in Sri Lanka?

  1. Yes. I checked with SLT and TRC. If there is a porn site hosted in an IP address, the IP address is blocked resulting all the sites using that IP address being banned. SLT says its beyond their control as its what the circular from TRC says 😦

  2. SLT and other ISPs have blocked the IP ( because a porn website is hosted in the same IP. This is a poor technical decision made by coutry’s no 1 ISP. Dialog , as usual proves its strength in technology by blocking the porn site URL only ( Not IP based blocking)

  3. What is the role of the Colombo University School of Computing (UCSC) in all this? There have been media reports and official announcements that they are technical advisers to the TRC/SLT on this porn-blocking exercise. If they can’t handle the technicalities without disrupting services or wholesale blocking out a global service provider like Google, they must acknowledge incompetence and hand it over to someone else. There is no bigger danger than a over-zealous monkey given a razor to cut, cut, cut. (And remember what happened to the king in that story whose loyal monkey tried to kill a fly lying on the king when monarch was asleep?)

    If UCSC is indeed involved in this level of technical interference of people’s access to the web, it also raises other issues. It’s one thing for lackey officials of a statutory body to make ill-advised decisions, but quite another for academics and technical staff at a supposedly autonomous university to implement those measures…and throw the baby out with the bathwater in that process.

    Will Ruwan Weerasinghe and team please speak up?

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