Peace Building in the Digital Era: 9th Forum on New Technologies of Information & Communication applied to Conflict

Since 2004, I have worked on and been involved in the interesting evolution of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), in large part as a Fellow at The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution, based at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. From once a strictly legal/commercial dispute resolution domain, ODR has now more fully embraced peacebuilding and the pivotal importance of mobiles, developments I can claim some degree of influence in shaping.

My last real world presentation on ODR was two years ago, in front of Vint Cerf as it turned out, envisioned the ways in which web, online, mobile and social networking platforms and technologies would transform the approach to and understanding of online dispute resolution.

In 2009, when the annual ODR Forum was held in Haifa, Israel, I did a Skype video call on how ICTs were helping peacebuilding and conflict transformation, and blogged about how the global financial downturn at the time called for a greater emphasis on and more innovation in ODR services and tools.

In June this year, the forum will be held in Argentina and is titled “Peace Building in the Digital Era”. The programme over two days in June looks very interesting, and will I am sure attract a high calibre of speakers and participants. I will be speaking on how new media and new technologies are helping redefine the theory and practice of peacebuilding. From the Iranian ‘Twitter revolution’ to post-election Kenyan crowd-sourcing and earthquake victim perspectives via mobiles in Haiti, the same ICTs used for repression, censorship and control are used to strengthen democracy, liberty and freedom. My presentation will explore these issues and events and extrapolate ideas for the application of ICTs in peacebuilding in the future.

A call for presentation is open until 30 March 2010. More details here and the principal subject areas, almost all of which I have written about on this blog, include:

  • ON LINE Dispute resolution
  • Organizational Conflicts Management
  • Training and Quality of ODR Service Providers
  • ODR News
  • Important Subjects in ODR field
  • New Technologies
  • Serious Games
  • Peace Building using web 2.0

I’m looking forward to this event a great deal.

A selection of key writing and presentations I’ve done over the years on ODR include:

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