The Economist magazine held up in “post-war” Sri Lanka?

Victory’s Rotten Fruits appears in the print edition of the most recent Economist.

This is an email I got this morning from a friend and subscriber to the mag in SL.

This week’s Economist has apparently (as per Vijitha Yapa – to whom I pay a bloody 11,000 bucks for the magazine) been “held up” at Customs. This is the 4th issue that has been held up…reckon this is the reason? Are we moving (already moved?) towards a state where we are going to be cut off from the world in terms of information (much like the Chinese chaps’ paranoia on websites????)

The manic inanity of Customs Officials, obviously in fear of or instructed by higher authorities to censor opinion inconvenient to the incumbents in power shows disturbing signs of growing. Last year, only public outcry and the threat of legal action was able to secure the release of a book by a respected academic, also held up at Customs for no discernible reason along with other publications. Prof. Rohan Samarajiva from Lirneasia writing on this issue last year may have nailed it,

Copies have not been confiscated. They are just reading them page by page, every copy, not knowing that they are identical copies. Poor customs officials. My heart goes out to them.

The free flow of ideas in post-war Sri Lanka is shaping up quite nicely don’t you think?

Update – 15 June 2009

Gawker pointed to this blog post on its home page and through a story featured on the website today.

Gawker on censoring the Economist in Sri Lanka

Click above for large image or click here for the Gawker story as a PDF.

4 thoughts on “The Economist magazine held up in “post-war” Sri Lanka?

  1. This should open the eyes of the naive idealists who thuoght the government winning the war will win the Sri Lankan people back the rights they willingly and happily suspended while the war was being waged. Did these people really expect a government that gets hooked on tyranny to give it up after a fixed period? If so, think again!

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